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Healthy Goal Guidelines

Here is a checklist to help make sure that you are using a healthy framework to set your goals:

  • Your most important goals must be yours. Not your spouse's. Not your child's. Not your employer's. Yours. When you let other people determine your definition of success, you’re sabotaging your own future. 
  • Your goals must mean something to you. Your reasons for charting a new course of action give you the drive and energy to get up every morning. 
  • Your goals must be specific and measurable. Vague generalizations and wishy-washy statements aren't good enough. Be very specific! The more details and precise adjectives and timing you insert the more likely it will occur. Please be sure to use as many features as possible. 
  • Write down your goals in positive terms. Avoid saying I will not be. Your subconscious is very specific and it filters out the negative and will attract like a powerful magnet all the negative things you write down.
  • Your goals must be present tense. Avoid saying I will have. Write down your goals as if you had your dream today and right now. This will help keep time from sabotaging your achievements.
  • Your goals must be flexible. A flexible plan keeps you from feeling suffocated and allows you to take advantage of genuine opportunities that walk in your future door. 
  • Your goals must be challenging and exciting. Force yourself to jump out of your comfort zone to acquire that much-needed energy and edge. 
  • Your goals must be in alignment with your values. Pay attention to your intuition and your gut feelings. God gave you these feelings for a reason, please be sure to honor them. When you set a goal that contradicts your values, something inside will twinge. 
  • Your goals must be well balanced. Make sure you include areas that allow time to relax, have fun and enjoy. 
  • Your goals must be realistic. Be expansive, but don't be ridiculous. If you're four feet tall, you'll probably never play in the NBA. 
  • Your goals must include contribution. Unfortunately, many people get so wrapped up in pursuing their goals that they don't have time in their lives to give something back to society. Build this into your goals program.
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